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Welcome to Shibuya Psychic Research, the community for Ghost Hunt manga, novel, and anime.

Actually we don't want make rules cause we believe you all know common sense and nettiquete.
But to prevent something bad happen, here's the rules :
- Use LJ-cut when you post fan-fics, fan-arts, icons or any long entry (anything longer than 500 words).
- This community accepts BL
- If you are a newbie, check tags because we don’t want people to ask the same question repetitively
- Be sure to put tag on your entry. Here is tag list. Contact the moderators if you want to add new tag.
- This community is a OFP supporter therefore if you want to post a fan-art, please ask for the fan-artists’ approval before you post it.
- You are welcome to share any good Ghost Hunt sites. But remove the [http:// ] part because many sites (especially Japanese sites), dislike direct linking.
-. Do not write L1K3 7H15. We are not leeting community. Grammar errors are acceptable but please use the correct spelling.
- No flame! If you have disagreement with someone, please take it up with them via email or your own LJ.
- Only post Ghost Hunt-related.
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