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Shibuya Psychic Research
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Peep-Billie glows.
Title: Take Your Love and Take Your Leave
Genre: Anime
Series: Ghost Hunt
Characters: Mai Taniyama, Lin Koujo, etc.
Spoilers: N/A
Rating: M (Mature)
Summary: The team is dealing with a dual possession, but the two people best equipped to help Naru exorcise them are the two people ensnared. They're just doing the best they can to survive until they can be freed.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, I'm just borrowing.

1st-Apr-2013 01:28 am - Akumu chapter 3
Translation of novel chapter 3 is over here.


EDIT: To whomever is reading this, all translations will now be posted in the spr dreamwidth community!
21st-Dec-2012 11:46 pm - Akumu chapter 2
water mirror
Just in time for Christmas... chapter 2 of the novel!

They're tall, dark and handsome...
2nd-Dec-2012 10:41 pm - Akumu no sumu ie Novel chapter 1
Sorry for the long wait. Chapter 1 has finally been translated! Read it here.

Here's the prologue if you missed my previous post.
Peep-Billie glows.
Title: The Maze In My Lover's Face
Genre: Anime
Series: Ghost Hunt
Characters: Mai Taniyama, Lin Koujo
Spoilers: N/A
Rating: Mature
Summary: Mai can't sleep during a case and Lin is more than happy to keep her occupied.
Disclaimer: I don't own it.

( Euphoria...this state of grace... )
31st-Oct-2012 12:58 pm - Novel Translation
electric jonetsu tairiku
Hi, I have an announcement to make.

I am translating the Nightmare Dwelling/Akumu no sumu ie novels. You can read the prologue at my LJ or at DW.

The plan is that I'll be posting the chapters in shorter parts at my Dreamwidth, but only link to the community if there's a full chapter translated. Feel free to add me if you want. :)
Doctor Who-Bad Wolf howling.
Title: Let's Forget All The Things That We Say
Genre: Anime
Series: Ghost Hunt
Characters: Mai Taniyama, Lin Koujo
Spoilers: N/A
Rating: PG
Summary: Things never turn out quite how you expect, but she wouldn't trade this life for any other. (Set approximately fifteen years in the future.)
Disclaimer: Isn't mine.

( The frost is slowly falling - In my heart it's calling you - Ice is slowly melting away - Let's forget all the things that we say. )
3rd-Aug-2012 11:40 pm - Shameless fanfic plug
ff7 - take my hand
Hello, I'm just dropping my to advertise my semi-new story, (it had the first chapter up and since then it's been sitting on the backburner), Into the Woods. I've also written several one shots and a chaptered Ghost Hunt AU, No Petals Fall, loosely based on "Beauty and the Beast," that's been really well-received.

Title: Into the Woods
Author: NobleBrokenBeauty aka akingdomkeeper
Rating/Warnings: T, for swearing and later on, violence
Summary: "Careful before you say, listen to me. Children will listen." Fed up, SPR is stranded in the woods on their way to a case. They split up, only to realize they are not alone out there.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7881890/1/Into_the_Woods
Author's Notes: For the style/plot-structure of the story, I'm using songs and song titles from the musical "Into the Woods." I would love it if you could review!

Thanks so much!
28th-Jul-2012 08:20 pm - White Hearts is getting a manga!!
For those who havent seen the news on ANN, the 2nd Ghost Hunt novels are getting a manga!!


AM I DREAMING??? Now Im not optimistic for this ever getting licensed since Del-Ray hasnt even released vol 12 yet but still this is huge for GH fans, seriously never thought Id see another GH manga. Fingers still crossed for another season but I think this is a huge step!!

Pardon me while I continue fangirling!!
Peep-Billie howls.
Title: Some Hearts Are Ghosts (Settling Down In Dark Waters)
Genre: Anime
Series: Ghost Hunt
Characters: Mai Taniyama, Lin Koujo
Spoilers: N/A
Rating: T
Summary: She doesn't understand what she's doing wrong, and why this isn't working for them.
Disclaimer: Ain't mine.
Author's Note: I'm blaming akinarei for the fact that I've got a yen to write for this couple again. Just drabbles for now, but who knows what the future brings? (Not me.)

( I’ve known mornings white as diamonds - Silent from a night so cold - Such a stillness, calm as the owl glides - Our lives are buried in snow. )
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